My favorite empowering women’s lifestyle blogs for every category

The internet is a digital treasure trove full of information and inspiration. Today, let’s explore some of the best empowering women’s lifestyle blogs that are just a quick click away.

Each of these blogs has uniquely impacted the blogging landscape for women worldwide through their educational content and compassionate, humorous, and authentic approach. Whether seeking practical tips for personal growth, career insights, or simply a sense of community and connection, this curated list of female-focused sites has got you covered.

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What makes a blog empowering for women?

I’ve read my fair share of blogs over the years, but the ones I come back to time after time are the empowering women’s blogs that align with my values. No matter the topic, all these blogs seek to encourage women of all ages, demographics, and personal situations to embrace their individuality and live their best lives.

There are several common themes these blogs use to inspire and empower their female readers, including:

1. Educational and inspirational content

The primary goal of any blog is to help the reader. Providing educational or inspirational content in an entertaining manner is essential to keep the audience engaged and provide the information they are looking for.

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2. Community and connection 

The most empowering women’s blogs are safe spaces that read like you’re chatting with a trusted friend. 

Women crave connection and community, whether scrolling the World Wide Web or visiting the ladies’ room in packs. Blogs that evoke this sense of community and connect the reader with the writer through honest, vulnerable reflections are the most influential and empowering.

3. Willingness to challenge the status quo

The definition of empower is “to encourage and support the ability to do something.” In order to do this, these blogs challenge their female audience to rethink their roles in their relationships, families, society, and with themselves. 

By challenging the status quo and redefining our roles as women and human citizens, we can break stereotypes, challenge societal norms, and promote self-love and acceptance among women. And by supporting each other through community, we can do it together.

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Why these blogs stand out

The best empowering women’s blogs are not just informative but also uplifting and supportive. They offer a blend of inspiration, fun, and education on a variety of lifestyle topics in a way that feels relatable and engaging for any modern woman.

Each site provides a female-founded perspective, which adds a unique and authentic touch to the content that women everywhere can appreciate. There is a sense of community where women can come together to learn, grow, and celebrate each other’s successes. It is the ability to connect with readers on a personal level that truly sets these blogs apart and makes them stand out in the crowded online space.

The Winners by Category

When it comes to finding inspiration, guidance, and empowerment, there is an expansive selection of blogs that offer valuable content tailored specifically for women. Here are my top 10 favorite women’s empowering blogs for various interests.

Mindset / Minimalism

1. Be More with Less

If you’re ready to simplify your life and discover what truly matters, Be More with Less is your guide.

Why you should check it out: Be More with Less is a haven for those seeking simplicity and mindful living. It offers practical advice on decluttering, minimalism, and intentional living. 

Why you’ll love it: Be More with Less combines heartfelt stories and actionable tips with a warm tone. Founder Courtney Carver shares her journey toward a more meaningful life, inspiring readers to embrace simplicity and find joy in less.

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2. Career Contessa

Whether you’re negotiating your salary, advancing your business, or navigating career challenges, Career Contessa has you covered.

Why you should check it out: A trusted career resource designed for modern working women, Career Contessa provides actionable career advice, job search tips, and support. Founded by Lauren McGoodwin as part of her master’s thesis project on millennial women and career support, this site has become one of the top professional resources for women on the internet today.

Why you’ll love it: The blog offers real-talk advice for career girls without all that corporate jargon. It’s a comfortable environment where women can learn, connect, and grow. From resume basics to career development, Career Contessa empowers women to build fulfilling careers on their terms.

3. Fairy GodBoss

Whether you’re curious about company culture, parental leave policies, or salary negotiations, Fairy GodBoss strives to be your magical work BFF at every stage of your professional journey. 

Why you should check it out: Fairy GodBoss is all about improving the workplace for women. It features anonymous workplace reviews, career advice, and job opportunities. If you’re curious about company culture, parental leave policies, or salary negotiations, this platform has you covered.

Why you’ll love it: Fairy GodBoss fosters an authentic community where women support each other. It’s a go-to resource for career insights, empowering women to make informed decisions and thrive professionally.

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4. Clever Girl Finance

If you want practical money management tips delivered compassionately in laywoman’s terms, Clever Girl Finance is a must-read.

Why you should check it out: A top personal finance website for women, Clever Girl Finance covers everything from budgeting and investing to career growth in an easy-to-comprehend manner. 

Why you’ll love it: Clever Girl Finance provides fact-based opinions, relatable stories, and actionable strategies. Inspired by her own “hustle queen” mother, Bola Sokunbi created this blog to educate and empower women financially. And, I must say, all of the supportive and inclusive content on Clever Girl Finance reflects her commitment.

5. Ellevest Magazine

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting, Ellevest has valuable insights on investing and managing your money, which is beneficial for every woman.

Why you should check it out: Ellevest Magazine combines money, life, and career advice tailored for women. It’s a comprehensive resource covering investing, financial wellness, and professional growth. 

Why you’ll love it: Not only does the online “magazine” offer fact-based articles, expert opinions, and a supportive community — it’s a place where women can learn, connect, and “raise elle” by taking control of their financial futures.

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6. Scary Mommy

Join the Scary Mommy tribe of fearless moms as we navigate this messy, beautiful journey of motherhood with laughter, love, and a healthy dose of sarcasm. 

Why you should check it out: Scary Mommy is a go-to resource for parenting, motherhood, and current events. It offers real stories, advice, and relatable content for raising children of any age. Whether you’re navigating parenting challenges or seeking a supportive community, Scary Mommy has your back.

Why you’ll love it: Scary Mommy’s heartfelt and candid approach resonates with moms everywhere. It’s a place where vulnerability meets humor, reminding you that you’re not alone in this wild journey called motherhood.

Beauty & Fashion

7. The Small Things Blog

Come for the beauty tips and fashion advice. Stay for the heartfelt and entertaining stories of motherhood, marriage, and embracing your individuality as a woman.

Why you should check it out: The Small Things Blog, founded by hairstylist and beauty lover Kate Bryan, is an educational and empowering space offering beauty tips, easy outfit ideas, and inspiration. Whether you’re looking for practical beauty advice or relatable lifestyle content, this blog is definitely one to check out.

Why you’ll love it: This blog is so much more than hair tutorials and beauty tips. The true magic of the Small Things Blog is the sense of community and encouragement for women to embrace their beauty from within. Kudos to Kate for her honesty and vulnerability that make this beauty & fashion blog welcoming for all women.

FUN Fact

The Small Things Blog was the first blog that I started reading consistently, all the way back in 2012. Shout-out to Kate for finally teaching me how to curl my stick-straight hair the right way at the age of 30. 🙂

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Lifestyle + More

8. Cup of Jo

Savor life’s simple pleasures with Cup of Jo, where every post is a warm invitation to slow down, connect, and find joy in the everyday. 

Why you should check it out: Cup of Jo is your daily lifestyle companion. From fashion to culture, parenthood to relationships, it covers it all. Whether you’re seeking style inspiration, career guidance, or relatable content, Cup of Jo delivers.

Why you’ll love it: With authenticity and relatability, Cup of Jo invites you into a well-rounded, financially sound, and stylish life. It’s like chatting with a close friend over coffee—warm, genuine, and full of insights.

9. theSkimm

Perusing the daily updates on theSkimm is like having a knowledgeable friend who breaks down the news and offers practical advice, leaving you informed and confident.

Why you should check it out: theSkimm is your survival guide for smart living. It delivers concise news, career insights, wellness inspiration, and more. Whether you’re prepping for a meeting or staying informed, theSkimm simplifies it all.

Why you’ll love it: With bite-sized news updates and pop culture references that make even the most daunting headlines feel approachable, theSkimm empowers you to stay engaged with the world around you without feeling overwhelmed.

Remember when …

The team at theSkimm is responsible for coordinating the invaluable annual State of Women report. This eye-opening study on the challenges women face today is one I’ve reviewed many times and even referenced in one of my first articles, Breaking Through: Why modern women should challenge the status quo.

10. The Everygirl

Navigate the complexities of adulthood — from careers to fashion and sex to travel — with grace and style, guided by The Everygirl’s expert advice and relatable insights. 

Why you should check it out: The Everygirl has been inspiring women globally for over a decade with its relevant lifestyle content, career guidance, and wellness inspiration. If you’re seeking a well-rounded, financially savvy, and stylish life, The Everygirl is your compass.

Why you’ll love it: The Everygirl spotlights real women achieving incredible things. From career tips to home decor, it’s relatable, affordable, and empowering. Take control of your life and make the best of it with this valuable online resource.

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Closing Thoughts on Empowering Women’s Blogs

When the idea for Breakthrough Loading initially grabbed hold of me and wouldn’t let go, it was difficult to believe there was room for a new women’s lifestyle blog in the online space. I mean, look at all these fantastic female founders and blogs out there! But, what I finally realized after multiple attempts to squash my dream was that there is always space for a new voice. 

Our voices, like fingerprints, bear the imprint of our experiences, passions, and quirks. Each of these blogs above provides a unique perspective on a variety of topics. Even with a shared underlying theme of empowering women, no two blogs are the same. They remind us that we are never alone in our journeys, that our stories and experiences matter, and that our voices deserve to be heard. 

I hope you find the support and encouragement you need in one of these incredible empowering women’s blogs.

Do you have any favorite women’s blogs that you read consistently? Which of the ten above are you going to check out next? Share with us below in the comments!

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