The best home office setup for productivity and comfort

Creating the best home office setup for productivity and comfort is essential for anyone who works remotely or spends a significant amount of time working from home. Incorporating the right elements in your home office can help you stay focused, motivated, and more efficient in your work. 

As a remote working veteran of over a decade, I’ve tried and tested my fair share of office equipment and supplies to find the right combination for maximum work productivity and comfort. From ergonomic furniture to tech essentials and organization, let’s walk through the best home office setup necessities to make your office your work-from-home haven.

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What is an ideal home office setup?

The ideal home office setup for working from home is one that is both functional and comfortable. 

While you may like the aesthetic of the color-coordinated office furniture and fancy new tech finds, these pretty items may not be the most comfortable or the best for efficiency. On the flip side, while we can all agree that your couch is super comfortable for lounging and perusing social media on your phone, it’s not the most productive way to work on your laptop and get stuff accomplished.

It’s best that your home office is located in a private area of your home or (even better!) a separate room where you can shut the door. If you can, opt for a space near a window to get some natural light (which is helpful to keep your spirits up!). Even if you have extra space in your living area or a big kitchen table to work on, it’s much more effective to have your own space where you can set up all your equipment and avoid distractions.

Woman holding laptop with "home office" definition

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What do I need in my home office?

By striking the right balance between productivity and comfort in your home office setup, you can create an environment that not only enhances your work output but also promotes overall well-being. 

Here are the essentials you’ll need to create your ideal home office setup.


  • Desk or work table – What you use as your home desk can range from a card table to a luxury hand-carved furniture masterpiece. No matter what you select, ensure your desk space has plenty of room for computer and handwritten work plus room for other comfort items (like that crucial cup of morning coffee!).
  • Comfortable office chair – Just like a desk, there is a wide array of office chairs available. Whether you opt for an ergonomic chair or add lumbar support to your existing one, make sure your seating arrangement is comfortable enough to sit in for long periods of time and supportive enough to prevent lower back pain. 
  • File cabinet or place to store paperwork and office supplies. More on that in a minute …


  • Desktop computer or laptop – Whether you prefer a PC, a Windows-based laptop or a Mac, a reliable computer is a must for anyone working from home. (I’ve loved this budget-friendly but quality Acer laptop for the past year and a half!)
  • Computer monitor – If you spend more than 30 minutes a day working from home, prevent eye strain by investing in a large-screen monitor. If you prefer a dual-screen monitor setup, make it two or grab a portable monitor to travel wherever you go.
  • Ergonomic mouse or mouse pad – prevent aches in your wrist and hands with a mouse and/or mousepad designed for long-term comfort.
  • Webcam – if your laptop or monitor doesn’t come with a built-in webcam, purchase one for your home office setup. Even if you don’t do video calls frequently, you never know when the boss will want to catch up on Zoom.
  • Headphones with a microphone – Drown out the noise pollution of barking dogs and lawnmowers so you can keep your focus with a good pair of noise-canceling headphones. If you don’t love sporting the old-school operator look, you can use a sturdy pair of earbuds — just make sure whatever you use comes with a microphone for those impromptu Zoom calls just mentioned.
  • Printer and scanner – It’s always handy to have a way to quickly print out documents for review (or even that school field trip permission form!). Luckily, most home printer/scanner combos now come with a reasonable price tag.

Other essentials

  • Reliable Internet – Whether your company covers your internet service or you pay for your own, be sure to go with a trustworthy internet provider to keep your digital work running smoothly.
  • Office supplies – Have at least a few necessities on hand, such as pens, a notebook or planner to take notes, tape, and a stapler.
Woman holding laptop with "home office" definition

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How do I organize my home office?

Organization is a really personal preference for most people, but there are a few general organizational elements everyone should have.

  • A file cabinet or set of drawers to store important papers, extra pens, and other office supplies. Be sure to consider if you need to be able to lock up confidential papers before selecting this storage solution.
  • Digital storage to backup important files on your computer, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, or even an external hard drive.
  • A way to shred and recycle old papers
  • Use a cable management system to corral all those cords, avoid a tripping hazard, and keep your space as tidy as possible. (This is why I always opt for the wireless option for the keyboard and any other equipment when I can!)

As a note-taking fiend, I always have a way to jot down notes for later. I love this dry-erase board storage unit for quick note-taking and to neatly tuck away desktop essentials for easy access.

Woman holding laptop with "home office" definition

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What are some extra items to personalize my workspace?

While the office basics like furniture and technology are crucial, it’s the extra items that truly make your office feel like your own. Here are just a few ideas to consider to add that special touch to your home office.

  • Standing Desk – Haven’t you heard sitting is the new smoking? Using a standing desk for part of your workday, especially during phone calls or easy tasks, is great for your health and keeps you energized.

I have enjoyed my Vari electric sit/stand desktop solution for over five years now. There are multiple manual and electronic versions, making the transition from deep-focused seated work to easier standing work a breeze. (I also recommend a cushioned standing pad, especially on hard floors!)

  • Inspirational artwork or beautiful decor – It’s hard to stay motivated day-in-day-out in a dull room with blank walls. Talk about depressing! Give your space a little dose of your personal style with the right accessories. 
  • Personal mementos and photographs – Most of us don’t work just for fun, so keep sentimental reminders of who and why you are working so hard within view.
  • Comfortable sitting chair – For those days when you want to take a phone call from a different view or your kid or spouse stops by to visit during office hours.
Woman holding laptop with "home office" definition

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Create your own perfect office setup

I completely redid my home office setup when we moved into this house a few years ago. Now, in my new beautiful space, I actually enjoy visiting my office every day! I will sit (or stand) at my big desk to write an article or do some client work, surrounded by some of my favorite artwork and the smiling faces of loved ones — and I’m genuinely happy to be there.  And that is 100% helpful in maximizing my productivity.

I hope these tips and recommendations help you create your best home office setup to improve productivity, keep organized, and stay comfortable! Happy working 🧑‍💻

What’s in your perfect home office setup? How do you personalize your workspace to bring you more joy or comfort? Share your tips in the comments below!

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